Huang WeiSheng is the creation of Mama Song and Papa Ng. Project name is DuoDuo meaning abundant in Chinese. The objective is to create an abundance of wealth and happiness. The following are the specification for Project DuoDuo.

Delivery date: 14th Nov 2010
Delivery Time: 07:06am
Location: Shenzhen Far-East Women and Children Hospital
Zodiac: Scopio
Chinese Zodiac: Year of Tiger
Weight: 4.4 kgs (9.7 pounds)
Height: 55cm


出生日期: 2010年十一月十四日
农历: 寅年丁亥月戊辰日
出生时间: 早上7点06分
地点: 深圳远东妇儿医院
生肖: 虎
重量: 八斤八两(4.4 kgs)
身高: 55公分

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