A Historic Moment / 一个历史性的时刻

14/11/2011, 07:06am is the day and time DuoDuo was born. Birth weight is 4.4kgs (9.7pounds). Height is 55cm.

DuoDuo's Birth Photo / 多多出生照片
DuoDuo's Birth Photo / 多多出生照片

DuoDuo is not afraid of sunlight at birth. Eyes are constantly open in the first few hours.

Active and Adorable at Birth HuangWeiSheng / 一出生就活泼可爱的黄玮晟
Active and Adorable at Birth HuangWeiSheng / 一出生就活泼可爱的黄玮晟

Is DuoDuo’s skin fair enough for you? 多多白不白呀?

DuoDuo Birth Photos  / 多多出生照片1
DuoDuo Birth Photos 1 / 多多出生照片1

Welcome to HuangWeiSheng.com! 欢迎大家到HuangWeiSheng.com!

Hello everyone and welcome to “HuangWeiSheng.com”. HuangWeiSheng’s nickname is DuoDuo. This website will blog his legendary life.
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